Name Tyler Crawford
Organisation American Cutting Edge
Position Product Manager - Pelletizing Line

Tyler Crawford is a natural problem solver with over a decade of sales experience. Starting his career at American Cutting Edge (ACE) seven years ago, Tyler worked his way up from Account Manager to Product Manager of the pelletzing line quickly by showing a deep understanding of pelletzing applications and the importance of partnering with customers. His ability to work with engineers and end-users to analyze their operation from beginning to end in order to deliver the best solution has helped countless customers optimize their pelletzing application due to the right raw material, coating, resulting in less downtime, fewer change outs, and less wear – ultimately saving significant labor hours and accounting budget dollars.

Tyler sites that his favorite aspect of his career at ACE is his time serving the needs of plastic recycling customers. “It’s rewarding to work with an organization that can truly serve this much-needed market. ACE produces knives used at every stage in the plastics loop. We create the blades used by petrochemical plastic production sites to transform the base chemicals into virgin plastic pellets using underwater pelletizers. These virgin pellets are then sent to compounders for further processing.

Compounders then use our knives when introducing additives into the polymers, giving the new plastic pellets the desired physical properties depending on how and where they will be used. ACE knives are used again in the production of products from the formed plastic. Finally, our blades are utilized by plastic recyclers to begin the process anew by granulating plastic bottles, molded parts, film, packaging, and other plastic materials so that it can re-enter the Plastics Loop.” Tyler is looking forward to the future of the plastic recycling industry and the innovations that are to come. “We all have a responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic entering landfills and the oceans. ACE’s most valuable contribution is producing optimized blades to help recyclers improve efficiency and make operations more cost-effective for our customers to support a healthy plastics loop.”