Name Sunil Bagaria
Organisation GDB International
Position President

Sunil Bagaria is the co-founder/president of GDB International Inc., a recycling and sustainability company based in New Jersey. Sunil Bagaria is currently the Chairman of the Plastics Division of ISRI (Institute of Recycling Insutries).

GDB International Inc. is at the forefront of marketing of all types of “recyclables” products including plastics, paint, paper, and metals to various countries around the world. In view of the barriers imposed by many countries with regards to importing Plastic Scrap, GDB has diversified into pelletizing of Plastic Scrap in USA itself. GDB firmly believes that producing PCR resin within USA itself is the key to solving some of the Recycling woes in our country.

The company has a customer base in 65 countries and has become one of the leading proponents of conservation of natural resources by encouraging manufacturing companies to reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste and scrap. GDB International Inc. has more than 280 full-time employees within material handling, sorting, and recycling facilities in five states. The company’s success is attributed in large part to its employees, who have made the company their second home.