Name Ivan Ong
Organisation Microban
Position VP Innovations & Research

As Vice President of research and development at Microban Products Company, Ivan Ong leads a large team of engineers, scientists, microbiologists and chemists and manages the company’s innovation pipeline across core areas of materials (polymers, ceramics) liquids and textiles, microbiology, and analytical chemistry. A results-driven technical leader with a proven track record of innovation and creative problem solving, Ivan excels in applying his extensive scientific expertise to create unique solutions to common industry problems.

Ivan manages the company’s intellectual property portfolio and research budget to handle complex and cross-disciplinary projects effectively and efficiently. Over the course of his 20-year tenure at Microban, Ivan has served in a variety of increasingly significant research and development roles. From product development to innovations management, in each role, he has been responsible for developing and commercializing many new products, driving large productivity increases, completing major projects in a timely manner and securing the talent and strategic partnerships necessary to achieve the company’s most aggressive objectives. Ivan is also a published author and his contributions to articles can be widely found on the internet.

Prior to joining Microban, Ivan was a post-doctoral research fellow at The Johns Hopkins University, with a focus on semiconductor organometallic materials and polymer light emitting diodes for low energy displays.

Fluent in Chinese and English, Ivan holds a B.S. degree in engineering and materials science from Duke University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in materials science and engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.