Name Alan DiUmberto
Organisation Recycling Division American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.
Position Sales Manager

Alan DiUmberto bio


Sales Manager – Recycling Division at American Starlinger-Sahm

Greenville, South Carolina Area


His involvement with the specification and designing of plastic recycling systems began early in Alan’s career. Some of his early designs were precursors to many of the current systems used and sold today. His current position is the US and Canadian Sales Manager for the Recycling Division Starlinger & Company Vienna Austria. He is responsible for the sale of the recoSTAR line of plastic recycling equipment which utilizes odor removal, size reduction, melt filtering, pelletizing, in addition to solid state reactors. Starlinger produces some of the most advanced recycling separation and enhancement systems currently available.

In addition to a background in various plastic technologies and processes, he has always had a global perspective and desire to promote carbon neutral technologies to ensure the advancement of environmental awareness of human impact.  “Today plastic is being villainized, when more targeted attention should be given to individual responsibilities and stewardship choices.”  One of his missions is to demonstrate that plastics can still have a tremendous positive impact that provides solid economic growth within the current socioeconomic structures of today.  “Promotion of key sustainable solutions will provide a future which will place us on a path to understanding that human wellbeing includes a future that will always require the use of plastics.”