Name HC International Industry INC.
Stand number B215

HC International, located in New York, specializes in recycling plastics. We buying both small and large quantities of plastic pellets, rolls, regrind and bales. We will do every-thing we can to meet our customer’s needs. Please feel free to contact with us.

We are now purchasing and selling:

PC,PMMA cut off,regrind,pellets,sheets,PA6,PA66,PA,etc.bales,regrind,pellets.PCABS,ASA,bales regrind,pellets.PS HIPS,GPPS,regrind,bales,pellets,POM,PBT,bales,regrind,pellets,PC purge. HDPE,PP,bales.regrind,gastank,rope.TPE,TPO,TPU,purge,baled,regrind,pellets.PET striping ,purge, tray, mixed striping, PEI,PPS,PEEK, all kind LDPE all grade film, pellets. EPS pellets, blocks. PVC PVB sheets, regrind.

​Address: 251-11 Northern Blvd suite 2G, Little Neck, NY11362


Sales Email: [email protected]

Operation Email: [email protected]