Name BritAS
Stand number B504

Established in 1993 in German city of Hanau, BritAS develops and manufactures full-automatic belt melt filter for post-consumer recycling. Very well known in the market the ABMF series convince with easiest operation handling and lowest operation costs.

Beside of these advantages the ABMF series has been approved as the leading filter technology in agricultural film recycling as it perfectly matches with hard contamination.

By upscaling the constant available filter area up to 1600 cm² the ABMF series can handle higher volumes and higher level of contamination.

The ABMF series is available in two further specifications. Either as ABMF-C for continuous process or as ABMF-BV which is placed before venting zone alternatively to laser or back-flush filters.

The latest new innovation of BritAS is the AMBF-PET. With that new filter generation BritAS enters the field of polyester recycling. The highlights and advantages from the standard ABMF were base to create a new efficient full-automatic filter. Lowest melt loss plus the less labor consuming operation does lead to lowest operational costs.

The new testing line at BritAS headquarter in Hanau is fully in operation and prepared for all customer trials with post-consumer or even post-industrial material.