Name Martin Schlummer
Organisation Fraunhofer Institute IVV
Position Business Field Manager Recycling and Environment
Website https://www.ivv.fraunhofer.de/en.html

Born on Jan 8th 1971 in Mönchengladbach

1991-1997 Study of geoecology at Bayreuth University    Focus an Environmental Chemistry

1997-1998 Scientist at Ökometric GmbH, Bayreuth

Seit 1999 Scientist at Fraunhofer-Institute IVV, Freising

Seit 1999 Department Product safety and Analysis

Seit 2005 Department Process Engineering Polymer Recycling

2006 PhD: Recycling of flame-retarded polymers from e-scrap

Since 2006  Project Manager for several R&D projects focusing on

Chemical analysis of hazardous compounds (PBDE, PFC, phthalates, etc.)   and   Polymer recycling from mixed plastic waste incl. WEEE, ELV, packaging

Since 2016  Business Development Manager Recycling and Environment

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