Name Krones
Stand number 1003

Krones technology recycling systems are individually adapted to the required application and handed over as a one-stop turnkey system. We are able to supply the enabling technology for:

  • Production of the recyclate in the form of flakes or pellets
  • Production of different material qualities – up to food-grade PET according to FDA or other certificates
  • Manually operated, semi-automatic or fully automatic systems

From a consumer’s view, the lifespan of a PET bottle may seem to be quite short. However, they are made from material which is highly suitable for recycling as it doesn’t lose it properties. This feature make them able to be utilised again and again.

So it is all the more surprising that still billions of PET bottles per year are not recycled – thereby wasting a huge source of raw materials. But it’s worth for more than one reasons to get into the recycling business: No matter if you operate a filling line, supply packaging to beverage filling companies or produce other plastic products – a recycling system will make you independent of material procurement, save you a lot of costs and provide you with a solid argument of high publicity effect with regard to sustainability and ecological efficiency.

Read one of the examples of plastic bottle recycling in Bangladesh with Krones Technology recycling systems here