Name Cadel Deinking
Stand number 810

CADEL DEINKING is a technical company located in Alicante, in the south of Spain, created with the aim to help converters and plastic recyclers to increase their competitiveness on the market. Deinking technology, developed by CADEL, removes the printed ink from plastic surfaces. So, it is possible to obtain a high value product, with the same characteristics than a raw material, from a low value printed scrap. Cleaning chemicals with water-based formulations are used in the process; Neither solvents nor environmentally hazardous chemicals are used.

CADEL DEINKING owns a demonstration plant of 250kg/h capacity in Alicante, Spain, that can process the material, following all the steps of industrial production. In this plant, CADEL DEINKING has demonstrated the viability of the process for companies interested in acquiring the technology, mainly large film printers and recyclers. This technology will help converters and recyclers to increase their profitability.